Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Build Positive Parent Relationships

Today I would like to talk about the power of having your students’ parents on your team.  If parents are engaged you will be able to count on their support.  Children will be more engaged if their parents show interest and have positive things to say about you and school.

I suggest that you reach out immediately.  Have each of your students fill out an index card with their parent(s) name, phone number, where they can be reached, and the best time to reach them.  Every day pull  three to five cards from the “lottery bowl” and tell those students that you will be calling their home that night (or whenever it is convenient) to tell their parent(s) something positive about that student.  This will accomplish a couple of things; the student will make sure their parent is there to answer the call (so you will have the opportunity to make contact with the correct contact number) and since your first interaction is positive and a happy experience for the parent, if you need to call them with a problem later they will be more receptive and your partner in solving the problem.   This positive first interaction will also encourage them to be more interested in what is happening in school which will translate into student interest.  Students will be thrilled because you will have said something good about them to their parents.  Try it! It will build positive communities.  

I have included below another YouTube video link – this video talks about student engagement.

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