Sunday, August 26, 2012

A good start to the new school year.

For many people (especially students and teachers) it is the beginning of a new school year.  There is anticipation and excitement in the air, then panic and a sense of overwhelming dread – will I know what to do, will my class be a nice group of kids, will I have enough planned, will my peers on campus like me, will my principal like me, how will I ever teach all of this content ?    eek!!!  
The first day of class does come quickly -- if you have already started, take a deep breath, if you have not already started there is time to get ready.   
I call this SOS 4 Teachers – SOS; Simplify, Organize, and Smile – you should have some things ready to go from the beginning (if you have already started, do not worry you can still establish an effective learning environment, you just have to push the “re-start” button).

Some things to have established:
  • ·         Procedures and routines (rules, etc.)
  • ·         Seating arrangement
  • ·         Assessment so you know what to teach
Share your expectations with the students. Make sure you are consistent. Take your time and practice the routines and procedures until it is automatic – do not rush into curriculum if the environment has not been established they will not learn.  
Always try to keep it Simple, Organize, organize, organize (you will actually save time in the long run) and Smile – it makes you and the students feel good. I will post at least once a week (possibly more) and I will try to answer followers’ specific questions – I have included below a YouTube video link that will help you get started (the name of the channel is smartatmath, but it is for all teachers not just math teachers) – good luck and enjoy – you have chosen the most rewarding (albeit sometimes difficult) profession and  YOU make every other profession possible.

Classroom Management Part 1 (structures) 

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